New Warrior Unis Part of Overarching Program Culture Change

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“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good,” are famous words from NFL legend Deion Sanders, and the Warriors are hoping these words ring true for them this year. This year, the Warriors are rocking all new uniforms this 2018 season. The new look is part of an overarching effort to rebrand North Atlanta football.

On the road, the Warriors will sport the familiar white unis, but the home jerseys received a complete makeover. On the surface, this seems like a minor change, but uniforms can be seen as a benchmark of a new era. The new jerseys are a sleek silver from head to toe, and they sport a shiny sheen. New helmets have ditched the prior matte black style with the affixed North Atlanta “N” logo in favor of an Alabama-meets-Oakland Raiders look, with black letters on the side of the metallic silver lid. “They definitely make us feel special to have our own numbers on the side,” said junior quarterback Wiley Hartley.

The Warriors showed off their new uniforms well in their 20 to 7 victory over Grady to kick the season off. Some fans are getting a strong sense of deja vu after last year’s “New North” campaign and 3 and 0 start quickly sputterted to a stop due to a string of injuries and a tough schedule. However, the Warriors are determined to shake off the results of last year’s season. “After what happened last year, we’re more focused than ever and ready to prove people wrong,” said Hartley, “We’re more motivated than ever, knowing what happened last year and we are determined to turn it around.”

A winning culture and mindset is one of the most important elements of a winning football team. The Warriors look to bring that kind of energy into the locker room with the hiring of new head coach Sean O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan is an experienced coach with stints in college football, serving on the staff of both Southeastern Louisiana University and Mars Hill College. Both schools enjoyed great success with the coach on hand as a tight ends and offensive line coach, respectively. “Coach brings so much energy to the locker room and that’s a huge deal”, said Hartley, “He brings a winning attitude and makes us hungry for success.”

The Warriors are hoping to hit the “reset” button on the football program after a stretch of disappointing seasons. After this off season’s changes, and an impressive win over a hated rival to open up the year, there’s plenty of reasons to look forward to watching this team, including the sweet new uniforms. The Warriors and their fans hope that this is the season that the Dubs begin trending North.

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