Weight Room Improved With Significant Equipment Upgrades  


Olivia Chewning

Metal Metal: Along with their fellow Warrior athletes, sophomore football players Armari Hodges, Jacob Pierce and Holt Marbut are bulking up in a weight room that features extensive upgrades.

There are clinks and clangs — of an upgraded nature — in the North Atlanta weight room in the gymnasium. The new and improved weight room is all thanks to a an athletic grant that North Atlanta received from the district.  And the equipment upgrade in the athletic weight room bodes well for all Warrior sports teams.

The weight room in the gymnasium has always been nice compared to fellow APS schools, but athletes are saying the new upgrade has taken it next level. The weight room received all forms of plates ranging from 45 pounders to 2.5 pounders, chains to put on the bar ranging from 20 lbs to 65 lbs, and a variety of aerobic machines that would make anyone walk in there and say “Wow!” The upgrade bundle included three treadmills, two stationary bikes, and two elliptical machines. In addition, student athletes will now have access to a wide range of belts and kettlebells as well as two new leg presses. “The weight room has been huge in our development over the summer, and will keep us going throughout the fall as well,” said varsity football head coach Sean O’Sullivan.

Although the football team is in the weight room a majority of the time, they’re not the only North Atlanta athletes who will benefit from the equipment upgrades. Currently, the basketball team is using the new equipment for its off-season workouts. Also, over the summer, the girls lacrosse team was in there early in the morning getting after it in order to prepare for a competitive season in the spring. The boys lacrosse team and the baseball team both have off-season workouts coming up soon, so they will be using the upgraded weight room to ensure their season’s will be the best possible.

“When you see it all, you really get a sense that they’re investing in us and that can’t help but make you feel good as an athlete,” said Armari Hodges, a sophomore linebacker for the varsity football team.

Coaches are equally enthused about the upgrade and they are factoring the new equipment into off-season workout regimens. “It was so cool to see what was done, and I’m excited to see how my teams will use it this year,” said head baseball coach Ricky Plante.

So this year, when the Dubs are doing heavy lifting in preparation for athletic glory, they can do so in a tricked out weight room that’s pushing them to the limit.