No Solution Is The Only Solution Here at North Atlanta


Ruth Gates

No Stopping No Solution: Seniors Max Bittner, Devon Gates, Chris Robinson, and Micah MacLane rise as a leading band featuring at many gigs, both in and out of state.

Have you ever been in the shower, belting the lyrics to your favorite song and think to yourself, “I should start a band”? Maybe it’s just a whimsical thought for some, but for three North Atlanta students, it’s become a reality. Seniors Devon Gates, Chris Robinson and Micah MacLane are members of No Solution, a band they formed back in their middle school days at Sutton Middle School. The other band member is Max Bittner, a senior at The Weber School.  

Gates and Robinson are also solo artists in their spare time and have participated in many talent performances in and outside of North Atlanta.

Starting a band may seem like an easy task but No Solution knows the determination, time and talent it really requires. These four have only been playing together for five years now and in the process have played many shows and created countless memories. “We’ve become a family who all love performing in front of crowds and playing gigs,” said Gates. “There’s nothing better than getting paid for things we would be doing already.”

For the band, Gates is the lead vocalist and bassist. Robinson, who is on drums, also shares with vocals. MacLane plays keyboards and Bittner plays guitar. When performing, they play a mix of covers and original songs. Among their more popular covers are “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye.

Unlike Gates, Robinson has always had the desire to be in a band. Once the more reluctant Gates tried it, she caught the performing bug and she knew there was no going back. All of the members of No Solution are sure of one thing: they all want to continue their journey with music in the future. Robinson said he definitely will continue playing music after graduating and will possibly study music in college. Gates said her top college choice is Northwestern University in Chicago, where she hopes to double major in jazz studies and global public health.

Over the years, the No Solution bandmates feel that they have formed such a strong and special connection that sometimes, they are able to have a whole conversation without saying a word. When asked what their favorite part of having a band was, both Gates and Robinson agreed. “The sense of community that comes with No Solution and all the things we get to experience together make it all worth it,” said Gates.

No Solution isn’t just a small-time band, either. They play all over Atlanta along with some out-of-state venues as well. The band has played festivals, concerts, church services, school events, fundraisers, and they’ve even participated in band battles. Some of their most notable gigs were at Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, at the Buckhead Theater, at Center Stage Arena and at City Winery. Gates and Robinson said that their biggest honors have been playing for three consecutive years at the International Blues Competition which is held every year in Memphis. Another big honor came just recently on Oct. 14 when the rock quartet opened for the Atlanta Rhythm Section during the band’s concert at Sandy Springs Heritage Amphitheater.  

These four don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. They hope to win a Grammy one day as well as play with their heroes such as Ray Brown, Linda Oh, Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae. Robinson plans to always chase his musical dreams and enjoys the fulfillment he receives in the band. “When I’m performing, I feel on top of the world!”

It’s obvious: There’s no stopping No Solution.