Teachers’ Perspective on Teen Lingo


Olivia Chewning

Cheese it: AP Language teacher Deanna Hasty and Art teacher Allison Shepard show their confusion for the new teen slang being thrown around.

Every teacher has been in class and had a student yell out some word they don’t understand. From “Periodt.” to “no cap,” these unusual words teens use never fail to confuse even the most hip teachers. Want proof that teachers don’t understand? We asked teachers what they think the following words mean. The results are revealing — and hilarious.


  • Mr. Harris: Juicy gossip that is usually about some ratchet.
  • Senor Williams: A drink not nearly as effective nor as tasty as coffee.
  • Dr. Hasty: A drink with jam and bread.

No Cap:

  • Mr. Harris: No lie especially when it comes to boasting usually followed by the response “On Gawd.”
  • Dr. Hasty: Broke.


  • Dr. Hasty: This is stupid; it’s not even a real word.
  • Ms. Page: Means PERIOD!!!! That it! Done! End of discussion! There’s no real way to explain it!


  • Mr. Harris: Like you go to Little Caesars and you like give me that Hot and Ready.
  • Senor Williams: Covered in mouse poop.
  • Dr. Hasty and Ms. Page: When someone is smiling.


  • Mr. Harris: Like you take what’s in my bag and were beefed that my bag is short, or how you feel when someone steals your IB homework.
  • Dr. Hasty: Farted and crapped your pants. Ok probably means fighting.


  • Senor Williams: Performing as poorly as former Braves second baseman, Dan Uggla.
  • Dr. Hasty: Ugly Shoe (makes a fat stink).


  • Mr. Harris: Upset because my students have cheated on an essay on “Mary and Max.”
  • Senor Williams: Dehydrated.


  • Senor Williams: When you fall hard to the floor in such a way that a loud sound is audible to the people in the classroom below.
  • Dr. Hasty: Screwed.


  • Mr. Harris: Like somebody that has a fat belly that hangs over their belt and shakes when they move faster than normal.
  • Senor Williams: To become so saturated with knowledge and learning that you are no longer able to keep your head off your desk even though you know that there are likely a lot of germs on said desk.


  • Mr. Harris: When a yam makes sweet sweet love to a beet.
  • Senor Williams: A beet colored yam usually made into a cold soup.
  • Dr. Hasty: Another phrase to sound ignorant. Rednecks say “yee yee” and stupid people say “yeet.”

Guess one teacher name that you don’t see up there? It’s Mr. McPhail. He’s so dope that the knew every word. Teachers: We appreciated your interesting take on these words. And students: keep coming up with new words to confuse our teachers. Periodt.