Stepping Up: Marching Warriors Make Some Noise in Fall Competitions


Cady Studios

March Up to the Top: Senior drum major Emmett Galloway, along with the rest of the marching band, celebrate their win of a third rank in the National High Stepping High School Marching Band Competition finals.

If you are one of the many students that make up the student section during football games, you probably have heard if not seen the members of the Marching Warriors. This important group, along with the Silver Stars, have really made a name for themselves this year both at games and in recent band competitions.

Two recent band highlights were the group’s strong performance at the Berkmar Marching Invitational on October 28 where the band swept its category class in the competition. The band also placed third in the preliminary round at the National High Stepping High School Marching Band Competition held at Morehouse University on November 11.

Beyond winning its class at the Berkmar competition, the band was the first band in AA Division to be rated superior. The band placed first in percussion, drum major, and dance line categories. North Atlanta participants came in second place in the music category, and third place in the flags category. The band was very pleased with their ranking as this was the first competition they attended this season.

All members of the band and Silver Stars worked incredibly hard over the summer as well as during the season to prepare for this invitational. The theme of the bands show was “It Was All a Dream” and every song played had the word “dream” in it, including “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill and “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce.

The group was led by three drum majors: senior Emmett Galloway, junior Chase Brathwaite and sophomore Beau Shade. “Being a drum major is way more difficult than everyone makes it out to be,” said Shade. “A lot of people say they want to be a drum major but they don’t realize how difficult it is. It’s really hard walking, playing, and directing people all at once.”

At the National High Stepping High School Marching Band Competition there were 22 bands and only 12 made the finals, including the North Atlanta band. For this competition the band placed third in the preliminary round. “Having the third highest score was crazy,” said Brathwaite. “It was shocking because we were one of the smallest bands at nationals and placing that high really speaks volumes about our band.”  

The members of the Marching Warriors have all put in hard work and dedication to prepare for their fall competitions. “All members of the band and Silver Stars work tirelessly to make sure we do well and look good and the work definitely pays off,” said junior Silver Star Traniece Franklin.

They came. The played. The conquered. During fall competitions, that’s the tune that’s been played by the North Atlanta band.