Competition Cheerleaders Reach New Heights


Lisa Humphreys

Ready, Set, CHEER: North Atlanta's competition cheer squad shows off their moves as a part of their dance routine.

North Atlanta’s competition cheer team is setting new records in our school’s history books. This year the team has already gone as far as Regionals. The eleven girls on the team range from bright-eyed freshman to established juniors. The addition of the talented new cheerleaders to the prevailing team of distinguished dancers should prove to be a favorable move in kicking off a great season for the Warriors.

Competition cheer is a combination of stunts, jumps, tumbles, and dances into a two and a half minute routine, all performed to music that is usually a mashup of multiple hit songs. Sophomore Marisa Humphreys is a part of sideline cheer during the football season, but competition cheer is where all the fun begins. Humphreys likes being a part of the competition squad because it’s a challenge. “It is actually really difficult but then the adrenaline kicks in, gives me a confidence boost and I get really excited to perform our routine,” Humphreys said.

The captain of the squad, sophomore Reese Tobin is planning on leading her fellow cheerleaders to continue to strive for more trophies and more wins for the Warriors. She plans on doing this by pushing and encouraging her squad members. “I like to remind them that we know the routine, that we know it so well that we can do it in our sleep,” said Tobin. “Also, it is important to remind them that the team is so good that they made it all the way to Regionals.”

With the season wrapping up right before the holidays, the Warriors are thankful to have such a good competition cheer squad and hope to build on to this team next year to go even further. If you have a friend on the cheer squad, congratulate them on the amazing season so far!