The Inner Workings of The Warrior Wire


Jack Stenger

Through the Grapevine: The Warrior Wire staff create news stories and goes out on the hunt for interviews of sources throughout the school. And whenever a paper is printed, the staff celebrates with pizza and always refreshing Fresca sodas.

If you’re reading this right now, you know all about North Atlanta’s student-run newspaper, The Warrior Wire. Dubs (and lovers of the Dubs) always look to the school newspaper to catch up on news from sports to academics and everything in between. as the paper’s motto goes: “For All Things North, Read the Wire.” Wire staffers put hard work and effort into writing stories about the amazing people in this school and current events at North Atlanta and beyond, but now it’s time to take an inside look at the Warrior Wire itself.

Wire staffers wouldn’t be the same without their charismatic leadership. Instructor Jack Stenger leads  many of branches of learning outside the newspaper including journalism, yearbook, and even a Spanish class. Other strong leadership comes from the Editor-in-Chief, Caroline Tuemler, and other editors Jack Yanoshik, Nicole Spektor, and Patrick Hannan. All of these great Wire staffers create an excellent environment for writers to learn, report, and create fascinating stories. “We get a lot of freedom in this class,” said junior and design editor Grace McCaffrey. “It’s not a traditional classroom environment where you have to sit and listen to a snooze-fest lecture, but we have more independence and manage our own time.”

The Warrior Wire writers get to participate in many newspaper traditions. One of the most significant of these includes “The Carolyn Cassodonte Walk.” Cassodonte was a promising Wire staffer back in the day and wrote a compelling story about the running trail through the woods behind campus. Even though the woods were pretty overgrown this year, Wire staffers were able to make it out of the woods and hike through the thick undergrowth. Legend says that her spirit for the Warrior Wire is still out there on in the forest. “Fav memory with my best friends AKA Wire staffers was definitely the Carolyn Cassodonte Walk.” said junior writer, and my personal mentor, Danielle Milburn. “I was really determined to carry on this tradition. What kept me going was all the encouragement from my peers saying ‘You got this, Danny Girl!’”

With their long list of accomplishments and producing an excellent newspaper monthly, Warrior Wire staffers have to find a way to celebrate their achievements. With any paper distribution day also comes the beloved Wire tradition of Fresca soft drinks and pizza as staffers get to reflect on their work with their favorite refreshments. “The best part about releasing the printed paper is getting to look back on the finished project of that month’s work,” said Tuemler. “I love the pizza, obviously, but I think we have all learned to love Fresca because they are Mr. Stenger’s favorite.”

If it happened, it’s in the Wire. North Atlanta’s newspaper is full of talented writers ready to create awesome stories. Wire staffers tackle stories both big and small and are able to do so under a fun and independent classroom environment. Look out for these students in the halls rocking their new and exclusive Warrior Wire t-shirts. No wonder they call them the “Drivers of Cool.” Go Dubs!