Trivia Is An Ongoing Pursuit for Warriors


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Trivia Traditions: North Atlanta students often make it a tradition to gather together at popular restaurants and participate in trivia games.

What current fad is best when enjoyed over delicious food with great friends? What activity is offered at countless restaurants around Atlanta? What’s the hippest way to spend your weeknights? You guessed it, trivia!

As you probably know, trivia is a competition usually played at bars and restaurants where teams of people are given trivia questions to answer in order to earn points. Questions are pulled from a wide range of categories, ranging from science, music, and books to game shows, football and pop culture. No smart phones are allowed and cheating is prohibited, so teams rely solely on their collective brainpower. The trivia questions are divided into rounds and teams are given a time limit to turn in their final answer by. Many North Atlanta students have put together regular teams and have made it a weekly tradition.

The trivia trend has been gaining popularity all around our city, and as more locations are beginning to offer it, more North Atlanta students are showing up. Restaurants have begun to hold these fun nights to develop community and bring in more people to gather over great food. Junior Sydney Miller’s favorite trivia spot is Wing Factory. “The restaurant has such a good atmosphere for trivia,” she said. “Watching sports, eating with friends, and answering trivia questions: What could be better?”

Other North Atlanta students say that places like Willy’s on Howell Mill or Verde Taqueria, also in that neighborhood, are their trivia go-to destinations.  

Many of the popular trivia venues offer gift cards and prizes to winning teams. These incentives are definitely a reason to keep coming back and students love the possibility of winning. “The competition in trivia makes it even more fun,” said junior Emily Song. “Every question you get right takes you one step closer to taking home the first place title.”

There’s no doubt that trivia has become popular among North Atlanta students. So don’t be surprised to see a sea of familiar faces at Willy’s on a Wednesday night, and a buzz of discussion about the smartest reply to the question at hand. As long as restaurants continue to offer trivia, we’ll continue to fill the booths and huddle together among warm tortilla chips and witty responses to slews of trivia queries.