Junior Soleil Golden Breaks Social Standard by Not Bringing Phone to School


Jordan Artis

Phones Off: Junior Soleil Golden deals with both the challenges and rewards of not bringing a phone to school.

For many students here at North Atlanta, having their phone with them is a major component of their school day. From texting friends about after school plans to scrolling through Instagram posts from the Kardashians, they are constantly on their phone even when they shouldn’t be. The exception to this “rule” is North Atlanta junior Soleil Golden.

During her freshman year, Golden made the choice to not bring her phone to school. She decided that phones are distracting and that living in the moment is so much more valuable, especially when at school.

When asked how she thinks not having a phone at school affects her, she answered by explaining that it definitely increases her focus by helping her stay on task and not worry about things that don’t have to do with school. “If you’re on your phone during transitions, you’re going to have a hard time getting back into focus when going back into class,” said Golden. “Not having my phone has helped me have a continuous period of focus throughout the school day.”

Golden made it clear though that while her approach may have many benefits academically, it definitely has its drawbacks. Having to figure out rides to and from school, using other peoples phones in cases of emergency, and being unable to change plans in the middle of the school day are just some of the negative sides associated with not bringing a phone to school. On the flip side, she claimed that it has made her more organized and scheduled on a daily basis. She has learned throughout this change not to be so reliant on her phone, and instead uses other methods such as writing in her agenda regularly to keep up with her work. “I stopped bringing my phone so long ago that I’ve really developed as a person by being more organized,” Golden said.

Even with her lack of phone time in school, she still isn’t one to constantly be on her phone even at home. “I have never really been concerned with other people’s lives through social media,” said Golden. “I care about what’s going on in the world and Harry Styles, but other than that, I don’t spend much time looking to my phone to check Snapchat.”

So, while you may be one of the many who are constantly on their phones, you may consider taking Golden’s approach and leave your phone at home during the school day (gasp). While Golden won’t be one of the people you see scrolling through Instagram or checking her Snapchat every minute, you will see her being attentive in the classroom and — bonus — she won’t bump into you in the halls while being distracted by the most recent post from Kylie Jenner.