Senior Drew Sheldon: Better Scholar or Better Diver?


Wiley Hartley

Dive Into Success: Senior Drew Sheldon prepares to continue his diving at Davidson College after being recognized as a state champion diver.

Few people can proudly call themselves formidable high school athletes, but to be a student athlete and a top scholar is mind-boggling. One such student, senior Drew Sheldon, is quite the all-around high school student, doing everything to the best of his ability, whether it is diving, homework for the IB program or just making North Atlanta a better place overall. All of Sheldon’s friends, classmates and teachers deeply respect him, and his accomplishments for North Atlanta will surely endure for a long time.  

Sheldon is a state champion diver and recently signed on to dive at prestigious Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. All four years of his prep career, he went to the state finals, going on to win the 6A state diving championship his junior and senior years. “I am so happy with my experience at North Atlanta Diving,” said Sheldon. “It really made high school some of the best years of my life.”

While Sheldon is one of the most athletically impressive students at North Atlanta, the things he has done for the school have been impactful and long lasting. He sports an outstanding 4.0 GPA, but that is just the beginning of his academic accomplishments. He is the president of the Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT), president of the Warrzone and a member of the prestigious Mu Alpha Theta club and National Honors Society. Sheldon also spends some of his free time on the GHSA Student Athlete Advisory Council. He works extremely hard to be at the top of everything, and his resumé completely conveys it. “Being a friend and a fellow SALT member, [Sheldon] works so hard and I’m proud of everything he’s accomplished,” said senior Pressley Perkins.

If you’re trying to find a wonderful role model or if you want to convince someone how great North Atlanta is, Drew Sheldon and his accomplishments are the first things to be brought up. Sheldon exemplifies how the Dubs should conduct themselves and how work ethic really pays off. If Sheldon continues at this scholarly pace, you will see him at peak success in the near future, representing North Atlanta with great pride.