The Unusual Lax Lingo


Cady Studios

Stick Together: Junior James Brewer, junior Tommy Fialkowski, senior Mason Lassiter, and senior Devon Lassiter celebrate their most recent lacrosse game in their unique secret language.

Lacrosse players have a lingo that might be one of the more peculiar things one hears in any sport. There are too many to name, and each and every one has a significant meaning that has people constantly confused. Much of this lingo is morphed by Dubs lax players their own versions, and they are using it to keep people entertained and on their toes. Lacrosse is really a different breed from all other sports, and these lax terms fully prove that.

A main part of lacrosse, if not THE main part, is a player’s lacrosse stick, otherwise known as a wand. To stick with the equipment, the lacrosse players don’t just settle for helmet. Their specific helmets are deemed their buckets, so at each and every game you should expect these Dubs lax magicians to be competing with their buckets and Wands at every moment. “You just can’t play lacrosse without the lingo,” said junior Tommy Fialkowski. “The bucket and wand are essential to the game, but a helmet and stick are unrecognizable to me.”

The lingo spreads throughout all the different parts of the game, not just the equipment aspect. Different plays are the usual suspect of various funny terms. An “ice pick” is when a player stabs at the ball with your stick, “walking the dog” is when a player runs down the field with their wand out in front of them, and a peanut butter shot is a goal on the top of the net due to peanut butter usually being on the top shelf of your home cabinet. The grandma goal is a huge favorite for the Warriors, which is when the ball hits the outside of the net during a shot and the only person who says “nice shot” is a grandma, not realizing it didn’t go in the goal. “I personally am a big fan of nicknames and a grandma goal is one of my favorites,” said senior Devin Lassiter. “I think it’s the funniest and it happens a good amount, so we can use it a lot”.

The lacrosse players at North Atlanta are not the only players to use different terms and lingo, but they have their own unique ways of expressing that lingo which sets them apart from other athletes. They have taken the time and effort to come up with many different terms to have a good laugh or, in certain cases, get in the heads of their opponents. Dubs lax is on top of the lingo game, and they don’t see themselves coming down from that mark any time soon.