Students Struggling Through End of the Year Stress


Nicole Spektor

Trials and Tribulations: Seniors Nyjai Lewis and Brooklyn Tucker struggle with the end of the year stress before getting ready to graduate.

For many students, the last two months of school after Spring Break feel almost as long as all of first semester.  End of the year stress is something that every student contends with, from finals to teachers deciding to cram in high volumes of work. Not only do students have to deal with all this newly assigned work, many are simultaneously struggling to catch up on previous assignments that had been missed.

Many Dubs don’t realize how close the end of the year is until it’s finally here. Every year flies by faster and faster, and it seems as though each year gets increasingly more important. The end of the year is crunch time for all students for getting their grades up and GPA boosted. “I always get so stressed during the last few weeks of school,” said junior Julia Whitlow. “My grades are so important to me because I always want to make sure they’re are as high as they can be,” she continued.

North Atlanta scholars worry about the fact that if they don’t succeed where finals are concerned, they won’t be able to adjust their grade before the grading period closes. This alone causes a high amount of stress among many people struggle to maintain their GPA throughout all four years.  “Knowing that my final is the last grade that will go in the gradebook is the cause of 95% of my stress,” said senior Marc Church.

On top of all the other stress-inducing events that occur within a highschool students life, the college process makes it all worse, especially for juniors and seniors. From SAT/ACT studying to college admission letters to extracurricular activities, these add to the already present stress that is put on students. “Having so many major things happening all at once is really stressful, but knowing how soon the end of the year is makes it all worth it,” said senior Nick Gaitan.

Overall, the quickly approaching summer is exciting but extremely stressful for many North Atlanta Students. Between maintaining a good GPA, studying for the SAT/ACT, being involved in clubs and performances, and completing a mountain of work, students are almost at their breaking point. But the North Atlanta students will prevail, as they always do, and complete the year in stride.