TikTok: Is Time Ticking Away for the Success of this Music Video App?


Mary Grace Ray

Clocked Out: Sophomores Luella Dennis and Amaya Bacon use TikTok to create short, fun videos for entertainment.

TikTok is a music video lip synching app which, in recent years, has taken kids, teens, and young adults by storm. On TikTok, people post 15 second videos in which they try a viral challenge, a popular dance, or just sing along to the catchy tunes available for users. The app has gotten a reputation for being very cringey and hard to watch based on the videos posted. However, despite its reputation, TikTok’s success is unprecedented, with millions of people posting, creating, and following each day. Due to this newfound popularity, North Atlanta students have developed split opinions regarding what the future may hold for TikTok.

High school students are right in TikTok’s range audience. However, this does not mean that all students automatically love the platform. Many believe that it creates false stereotypes, conveying the wrong message to young children. In addition to this, some students believe that the content produced requires no talent or that it tries to be too much like Vine, a popular platform which shut down three years ago. “TikTok can be fun but honestly Vine was so much better,” said junior Molly Harrigan. “Vine was actually funny and it wasn’t just people singing to songs looking perfect like TikTok is.”

Despite this group of TikTok haters, there is a small population of fans who are loyal supporters. Instead of hating on the cringiness, this group decides to embrace it by loving the entertainment the app offers, whether it’s through making or watching popular videos posted. “I love TikTok. Honestly, they’re so fun to watch and make, plus it’s a good way to pass time if you’re bored, alone or with friends,” said junior Mary Scott Wilder.

Another reason that Tik Tok is becoming increasingly popular is the possibility of becoming famous. Often times, if one of the videos you post goes viral, hundreds of thousands of people will start following you, resulting in new found fame as a new social media influencer. However, many are unsure as to whether current influencers will continue to be successful after the app is no longer used. “I think this new fame will not last at all, it’s completely temporary and those new influencers should not rely on this for the long term,” said junior Sky Rulis.

However, despite what side you may be on, both sides agree that the popularity off this app has been off the charts. Not knowing what the future may hold for Tik Tok, we know that the widespread use has and will continue to shape the spread and use of technology in future generations, impacting the future of social media throughout the world.