Dominating Girls Tennis Team Reaches Final Four


Lisa Jern

Final Four Run: Shown (l to r) are state finalist players for the very successful 2019 girls tennis team: Kate Sharabura, Rebie Benedict, Isabel Carter, Kate Jern, Mikiah Stephenson, Leeza Kurtz and Dannie Evans.

The 2019 season has wrapped up for spring sports at North Atlanta, and state playoff results for post-season competition are in. For girls tennis, their success on the court brought them all the way to Final Four competition. With their game excelling in all aspects, the team set new school records in playoff contention.

The team has achieved a record 14 wins, one draw and 7 losses this season.  For the Lady Warriors, it was a record-breaking winning season with standout talent and a 7-2 regular season in region play. Pivotal meets such as a 3-2 win against powerhouse Centennial and a 5-0 meet win against Chattahoochee proved important to the team’s winning campaign. Handling tough opponents in the challenging 6A region played a huge role in the team’s success in  post-season, according to team captain Kate Jern. “It really has been the most successful season in team history,” she said. “It’s been an accumulation of all of our work, time, and dedication to the sport.”

This season brought new, dominant players onto the court, such as freshman Leeza Kurtz, whose undefeated season made her a standout star on the court. Her level of talent, combined with the leadership of veteran senior captain Kate Jern as well as coaches Mike Hutchings and D’Andra McPhail, has proven vital to the team’s success throughout the season and in the stretch.

In the 2019 campaign, the team finished in the Final Four round, ending their season with a semi-final loss to Northview and making it the longest run since the team’s 2017 state post-season appearance. In 2018, both the girls and boys finished second in the fall USTA leagues but fell short in regular season regional play. With this season’s success, and the addition of some new talent on the boys’ team, both teams are projected to make it even further in next season’s playoffs.

The Lady Warriors displayed all of their talent this season on the court, showing their potential for the program for seasons to come. With this year under the squad’s belt, it is only up from here for Warrior girls — and boys — tennis.