NAHS Class of 2023 Gives Its First Impressions of High School


Fabulous Freshmen: (Left to right) Khang Pham, Matthew Maiellaro, Kevin Clark, Ojorumi Okoka, Virginia Brewer, Essence Ervin enjoy their first weeks of high school

A new school year has arrived once again at North Atlanta High School, and with it comes a new cohort of students: the Class of 2023. The freshmen have started the year strong, and for many, it’s a breather from middle school and the strict rules they had there. Each freshman has had his or her own first impression of high school, and of those interviewed, most say they’ve encountered nothing but positive experiences at North. 

The transition from middle to high school may be a bit difficult at first, but these students have quickly adapted to high school life and the many responsibilities that come with it. 

Many students from the new class had similar thoughts about the school, particularly about its enormous size. The freshman class alone has more than 600 students, a new record for North Atlanta. Not to mention the 11-story building and the other 1,400 students as well. “At times it’s very overwhelming, but I’m glad for change in scenery,” said freshman Maddie Hawkins. 

Despite the impressive building, there are downsides as many freshmen have discovered. At times, the stairwells and elevators get so crowded, there is an actual standstill among students. “I hate when the stairs get crowded. Guys: just walk. It’s not that hard,” said freshman Aria Bauer.

The 2019-2020 school year is just beginning, and many new memories have yet to be made for these young freshmen. Students say they are excited to experience homecoming and prom. However, as high school progresses, they acknowledge they will be met with struggles like handling homework and maintaining a social life. “It’s sometimes hard navigating such a big school and balancing work for more classes, but the environment is great and the teachers are really nice,” said freshman Lena Hoover. 

They are the youngest and the least experienced among us. And so far it would seem that that the biggest class ever at North Atlanta is having a pretty good time.