Tik Tok: Coming to a Phone Near You


James Fiveash

Lip Sync Heaven: Tik Tok's popularity continues to soar at NAHS

The reign of Musically is back, but this time it’s called Tik Tok and is more global than ever. Instead of old school musers, we have their 2019 counterparts: VSCO girls and E-boys. This new social media trend has taken North Atlanta High School by storm. Students can barely get through the hallways without seeing students hitting the woah or lip-syncing to their favorite Tik Tok songs. Here at North Atlanta, students are dedicated to making high-quality content for their virtual fans.  

 The thing that draws so many students to this app is the relatability of these videos. The 15-to-60-second clips range from comedic masterpieces to coordinated dances. On the “For You” page, which is similar to Instagram’s explore page, it is easy to lose track of time when scrolling. The “For You” page spreads content to a more extensive audience helping them to go viral. In some cases, trendy teens — including North Atlanta students — spend so much time watching and making Tik Toks that it even cuts into their sleep schedule. “Tik Tok is NOT just an app. It’s a lifestyle,” said junior Lucy Smith. 

Many students in our halls aspire to be “Tik Tok famous.” Dedicated students strive to make at least one of their videos go viral, and if they’re lucky, multiple reach stardom. The first step in reaching this astonishing milestone is getting on the “For You” page. In addition, the common use of hashtags allows for users to expand their viewing pool. Also, once stardom is reached they become a certified Tik Toker, which consists of getting a crown next to your avatar. North Atlanta students work hard every day to become Tik Tok famous by using these techniques. “Becoming famous on this app is easier said than done, that’s for sure,” said junior Tia Hairston. “The Tik Tok grind is real.”

Tik Tok is starting to show up everywhere and is becoming one of the biggest social media trends of 2019, especially here at North Atlanta. It is hard to walk throughout the school without seeing people making, scrolling, or singing one of the many Tik Tok famous songs. Whether you’re a VSCO girl, an E-boy, or just an average teenager, Tik Tok now seems to be unavoidable.