Anticipation Builds as North Atlanta Students Await Music Midtown


Music Midtown is an unforgettable experience, and 2019 will be no exception

Music Midtown, one of Atlanta’s largest music festivals, is fast approaching and has North Atlanta students excited to see what this year’s festival will bring. Each year thousands of fans flood Piedmont Park hoping to see some of the hottest artists live in concert. The festival is especially popular among North Atlanta students who make the most out of the weekend spending time with friends and rocking out to some great music. 

Each year the line-up for the festival is highly anticipated and can be found all over social media as soon as it is released. The line-up for the festival was released in May 2019, filled with over 30 music artists and bands. The four original headliners were Travis Scott, Billie Eilish, Panic! At the Disco, and Vampire Weekend. Cardi B was added as a fifth headliner two months after the lineup was first released. 

Some of the other artists who will be performing are Lizzo, Charlie Puth, Walk the Moon, and even some of Atlanta’s own like Lil Yachty and 6lack. There is a wide variety of artists and music genres at this year’s festival.

There were definitely mixed feelings about this year’s music with some ticket bearers feeling contentment and others feeling resentment. Senior Lily Mason is happy with the lineup, particularly regarding the feature of singer songwriter Lizzo. “Every time I listen to Lizzo’s music, I can’t help but realize how excited I am to see her performing live,” she said. “I am wildly hype to be enlightened.” 

Others aren’t so interested in the artists making an appearance at Music Midtown. “Last years lineup was hard to beat and this years definitely does not measure up,” said Junior Tyler Hubbard. 

Some students feel much more indifferent about the music offered. “It’s not that the artists that are bad I just wish there were some more popular people in the mix,” said junior Ahtziri Bustamante.

With Music Midtown’s thrilling atmosphere and signature Atlanta trademark, the music lineup isn’t a dealbreaker. Many festival goers will end up buying a ticket even if their favorite band isn’t headlining. “The Music Midtown experience is unreal… I am going no matter what,” said senior Kiana Smith.

For some the heavy price tag outweighs everything else and with a below average lineup skipping this year’s festivities is easy to do. Tickets are priced at $165 for both days. “I can’t spend my whole bank account on a ticket to see artists I don’t really have any interest in seeing,” said senior Ashley Humphrey. 

Even with this year’s mixed views, Music Midtown will be an experience like no other for those who decide to attend. The weekend brings together artists from all over the country and creates an environment where fans and students alike can enjoy the music and the vibes.