Ben Burrows Brings Back Acting

After the departure of the former Audio and Video Technology and Film teacher Ian Harris North Atlanta felt a significant loss. They needed a new talent to fill the gap, which is why Ben Burrows was selected to take his place. 

Burrows, who originally hails from High Point, N.C., earned a theater degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and he later attended New York Film Conservatory for dramatic arts, located in New York City. 

Originally, he was attending school for acting, fueled by his dream to be a part of big movies and TV shows. But soon he fell into teaching because his acting qualifications allowed him to do so. “I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a really good thing, going into teaching,” Burrows said.

Before Burrows even began teaching in Atlanta, he had to move to the city. He received a job offer on a reality TV show called “Home Free” and starred on it for a brief period. After three years of living in Georgia, it seems a new chapter has begun for him at North Atlanta High School.

In his free time, Burrows partakes in outdoor activities such as “shooting the ‘Hooch” on the Chattahoochee River and rafting. He also does improv, stand-up comedy, and watches movies in his free time. 

He is also a religious man and goes to church on a regular basis. Burrows loves dogs, and owns a Boston Terrier named Lobo — which is “wolf” in Spanish. Wherever Burrows is, whether hiking the trails or instructing young minds in school, he approaches his passions with excitement. 

If you see him coaching up kids to do their best possible work in his class, know this: He’s not acting. This is a role he’s been preparing for his whole life.