Area 51 Raid Gains Large Following at NAHS


Melanie Gomez

Martian Mania: Sophomores Sydney Heaton and Anna Greer both fell into the meme-based mania surrounding “Story Area 51,” the Nevada desert site where aliens supposedly exist.

Imagine a world where extraterrestrial life was freely roaming around, behaving like humans and performing normal everyday activities. That’s a fantasy that many anticipate will become a reality. Area 51, which is located in rural southeastern Nevada, was the talk of the summer. Rumors arose that their would be a potential raid of the base by the citizens of the U.S. on September 20 of this year. Although it first began as an Internet meme, many have taken it seriously and would truly like to uncover the hidden secrets located in the military base.

Students at North Atlanta have heard about this raid, and in fact, many are on board with the idea. The majority have marveled at the idea of discovering what secrets could be waiting for us, even though there are some legal implications to this raid. “Who wouldn’t want to see what’s there? I think it’s a brilliant idea. Sign me up,” said sophomore Carson Bauer.

However, those who do take this meme seriously may not know of the issues involved, both legal and non-legal. For starters, the Area 51 base is located in a desert which expands for miles upon miles, making it difficult to navigate. Launching a raid for hundreds of thousands of people would not be logistical probable. Also, it’s a crime to trespass, and those caught breaking the law could face jail time up to two years. “I don’t think it’s worth raiding. You’d most likely get caught and it’s illegal anyways.” said student Anna Greer.

Area 51 has been the face of an abundance of conspiracies throughout the years, and more specifically about extraterrestrial life. Occasionally, UFOs and aliens are believed to be seen occasionally around the base, giving those curious individuals all the more reason to want to discover more. Despite not knowing what could happen during this raid, or what repercussions could come from it, a good number of NAHS students feel passionate about making this meme a reality. Area 51, you could have some Warriors coming your way real soon.