Drama-Filled 2019 Powder Puff Does Not Disappoint


Cady Studios

Tough Enough for Powderpuff: North Atlanta juniors Easton Davis and Briya Young take heart in the Powder Puff tradition

One of North Atlanta’s most anticipated events of the year has the whole school asking “Are you tough enough for Powder Puff?”. The action-packed all-female flag football game took place on Wednesday, October 2, featuring teams full of each grade’s most athletic and competitive girls.

In the first game, the sophomores started the game red-hot, running a trick play for 60 yards, and capping the drive off with a touchdown. The sophomores would end up holding onto their lead and winning the game 14 to 0.

The marquee matchup of the night featured the junior class of 2021 going up against the senior class of 2020 in their final Powder Puff night of their high school careers. The seniors opened up with an early lead, but the juniors would end up taking a 13-8 lead for the majority of the game. The seniors would get it back with 8 minutes left and showed they weren’t done yet, responding with a touchdown pass from quarterback Anna Panel to reclaim the lead. However, the juniors scored an 80-yard touchdown with just 10 seconds in the game to send the seniors home in heartbreaking fashion.

In the final game, the juniors would end up with one last shot at ending it in regulation. As time expired, Madison Fleming walked into the endzone, securing a championship for the class of 2021. “It was an amazing experience great as it felt to score three touchdowns. I couldn’t do it without my team.” said Fleming.

This year’s Powder Puff was filled with drama and excitement to the very end and left much to look forward to for next year’s edition. Will the class of ‘21 be able to defend their throne as seniors, or will another class rise up to the challenge?