The Marching Warriors Know the Beat to Success


Cady Studios

Major Moves: Lead Drum major Chase Brathwaite, a senior, does all performances in full intensity mode. He led the Marching Warriors during their halftime performance for the Oct. 10 homecoming game.

Here at North Atlanta, the Marching Warriors, the school’s marching band, are a mighty unit. Led by director Adam Brooks, the band has excelled in competitions and performances this fall. A particular highlight was the band scoring superior ratings at the Vanguard competition at Banneker Stadium in early October. Whether at exhibitions or half-time shows, the band represents North Atlanta with pride and school spirit, already marking a successful season for the 2019 school year. 

This year, the band has participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions, most recently placing first in multiple categories. However, leading such a high- achieving group is no small task. Fortunately, Brooks has 14 years of experience and dedication to the North Atlanta band. His year starts early in May or June when Brooks begins exploring different music in order to determine the theme for the upcoming season. This year, the theme is about an arrest after a bank robbery, including appropriately selected songs such as “Smooth Criminal” by Micheal Jackson and the “Mission Impossible” theme.

Following the establishment of the plan, the band has to kick it into gear during the summer while many other Warriors are still enjoying their break. Band camp occurs in July and the team gets its first introduction to the music that will be played in the upcoming season. During the school year, the band works overtime to prepare for competitions and half-time shows. The extra time spent working is an integral part of the practice. Chase Brathwaite, a senior, is the lead drum major, and he can attest to that better than anyone else: “We are competitive and work just as hard as any of the other sports teams,” he said. “Although bringing home the trophies makes all the hard work worth it.”

As lead drum major, Brathwaite is responsible for coordinating the band and making sure performances are executed successfully. At each performance, Brathwaite’s roles include conducting the band with enthusiasm and creating a positive atmosphere in which the small yet powerful band can thrive. “It’s my responsibility to motivate, lead, and teach the band when Mr. Brooks needs me to do so,” he said. “It’s definitely not all dancing. In fact, it’s mainly a leadership role.”

Through their hard work, dedication, and passion, the members of the band at North Atlanta have proved themselves to be a source of pride for the school. Brooks summed it up nicely: “The band at North Atlanta is a melting pot of different genres of music, culture, and backgrounds. It’s a great representation of North Atlanta as a whole.”