The Decorative Class Rooms of North Atlanta


Everyone talks about the famous North Atlanta building with 11 stories and multiple elevators, yet nobody talks about the teacher’s rooms inside. The creativity displayed inside this building — by the hands of the dedicated staff — is incredible. From poster covered walls to string lights and color-coordinated decor, the teachers of North Atlanta decorate their classrooms in the coolest ways. There is an excitement within the halls to see how these teachers will give the four bare classroom walls life. 

I.B. Theory of Knowledge teacher Amy Shilling decorated her room to fit a rainbow and comic book theme. Her inspiration occurred when she realized her classroom needed a pop of color. The best way to do this? Well, rainbows of course! Since Office Depot was lacking in Theory of Knowledge room decorations, she took it in her own hands to make her own custom room decor. This as a result allowed her to put a personal twist on it. She proceeded to cut out different Theory of Knowledge terms into shapes and frame them on neon pieces of paper. “I spend a lot of time in this room, so I thought I might as well make it look interesting,” she said.  

I.B. History teacher Michelle Luco is known to go all out in the decoration department as well. Her room is decked out in mint green with cute collectibles and encouraging posters to complete her warm and welcoming vibe. Her walls are covered in maps of America and old presidential campaign signs. Also, throughout the room, history posters and propaganda are sporadically spread. “I like putting up photographs and posters that are iconic and relevant to American history,” Luco claims.

A teacher’s room decoration is important because it affects the students’ learning environment which could create different academic outcomes. North Atlanta is now filled with these creative classrooms designs, which now the keys to success with both the student and the teacher.