Fan Favorite Artists Serve Up Instant Classics this October


Grooving to New Music: October new music releases leave fans overjoyed.

Grooving to NMusic. It’s one of those wonderful things that can instantly connect people. In the past few weeks, star studded artists such as Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, and Kanye West have dropped new music, leaving fans bopping along to new hits in this cool fall weather. Even artists like Frank Ocean and Coldplay have released new music in the past few weeks, to the joyful surprise of fans everywhere.
Starting with everyone’s favorite British bad-boy, Harry Styles just dropped a new indie pop/ 70’s rock hybrid- “Lights Up”. An instant fan favorite, Styles hit #17 on the US charts and #3 in the UK, not too bad for a song with zero promo and a surprise release. Fans are eagerly anticipating his sophomore album to drop, as well as “Watermelon Sugar” a track Styles has teased on social media. 

Selena Gomez served fans with a heart heavy piano ballad, presumed to be about her past relationship with fellow singer Justin Beiber, titled “Lose You to Love Me”. She sings her heart out on this track, hitting fans with the powerful words “We’d always go into it blindly, I needed to lose you to find me”. Her second single, “Look At Her Now” is a complete 180 from “Lose You to Love Me” beat wise, but the lyrics are a part two to the story told in the first single. The second single was not as popular with fans with many saying it felt a little odd and the song didn’t feel as mature as they were hoping. 

Kanye West dropped a whole album on October 25, 2019. The album falls under the genre of Christian rap and shows a whole new side of Yeezy. The production on this album is arguably better than any of his previous work, and many fans are praising his album about being “Chistlike”. The most popular track on the album is “Follow God”. The song starts with the line “Father I, I stretch my hands to you,” a direct reference to West’s 2016 track “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1”. In the song he raps about faith and the lifestyle of a Christian.

Overall, fans should be, and are, proud of the favorite artists for the amazing new music they have put out in the past few weeks. And if your favorite artist hasn’t dropped music in a while? Stay hopeful because new music seems to be around every corner!