North Volleyball Team Serves Up a Good Year



Set and Spike: North Atlanta's volleyball team served the competition this season

North Atlanta’s volleyball team served up to have a phenomenal season this year, winning games left and right. Their varsity team is comprised of mostly seniors and juniors, with superior sophomores rounding out the lineup. The entire team had been working hard to make this year’s team the best it could be.

The team’s record this year wound up being 8 wins and 12 losses. Though the results were not what participants wanted, all said that throughout the year morale stayed high. And the year was marked by some key wins against Lovett and Johns Creek. The team’s captains were junior Honor Crandall and Bella Rossi. “Volleyball is a tough sport especially in our killer region,” said Smith. “But we stayed together this year and it wound up being a really positive experience.” 

Coach Kostikas, the head coach, is very supportive and influential, who always sees the best in his players. Players described him as having a joking personality that always lightens the mood during games or practices. He plans on taking his team to the playoffs to compete against rival schools like Grady and Alpharetta. “He’ll joke around with us during practices but he can also be serious when he needs us to focus and win games,” said junior Katie Jacobus. 

The team this year is the closest it’s been in years. Bus rides to and from games allowed the team to bond and share fun experiences. The team car wash is also another great team activity, where players earned money for the team by scrubbing down cars at Morris Brandon Elementary School. “The car wash was super fun and it was a great way to bond and support the team,” said Francie Coleman,  a sophomore on varsity.

Nearing the end of the season the team took time to recognize its seniors on senior night. That night, North Atlanta came out on top, winning both of their games with the help of their talented senior class. The team rallied around one senior, Catherine Williams, who has been battling Osteosarcoma throughout the season. The team has been supporting her every step of the way and that night they showed it by claiming those dubs.

Although the season is coming to a close, this year will always be a memorable one for the North Atlanta volleyball team. On and off the court the team has been there for each other no matter what constantly making new memories.