Namaste: Warriors Find Their Zen Through New Yoga Club


Nora Rosenfeld

Every Now and Zen: Sophomore McKenna Weinbaum strikes the Warrior Pose as she leading her schoolmates toward zen and meditative peace through the founding of the new North Atlanta Yoga and Meditation Club.

In the highly competitive environment that is the modern education system, many Warriors find themselves caught in the wave of the need to overachieve, often neglecting their mental health and the importance of outlets for stress. From school work, to college applications, to tricky friendships, and everything in between, there are many stress-inducing factors that play into the life of a modern high school student. As some of us long for the high school lives of our parents or even in movies, other realists are aiming to find practical ways to relieve stress. Sophomore McKenna Weinbaum believes that she may have found a fun solution that she hopes to share with the school: yoga and meditation.

A longtime yoga enthusiast, Weinbaum has been wanting to teach yoga at school for awhile, and found her MYP Project to be the perfect opportunity to put her ideas into motion. Aiming to teach mindful awareness, reduce stress, and create a sense of appreciation for individual mental strength, she hopes that this club can become a much needed healthy environment for the overworked Warriors. “With school and life in general, there’s just so much going on at all times,” Weinbaum said. “This is simply a healthy and beneficial break to properly rejuvenate and get in touch with your mind and spirit so you have a clearer mental state for all that life throws at you.”

Weinbaum also hopes that this club can correct some misconceptions about yoga in general, and teach people a new and helpful skill. Contrary to popular belief, Weinbaum stresses that yoga is not only for people who are fit and calm. Following this philosophy, the club is open to anyone who is interested, and no experience in the meditative practice is necessary. Junior Lola Crepin, who is an exchange student from France, is excited for the opportunity to learn a new skill and support her friend. “I discovered yoga when I arrived in the United States,” she said, “and I’m very interested because it’s just one moment to yourself when you don’t have to think about anything else.”

The club meets every Friday in the blackbox theater in the Hillside Building, and is seeking new members interested in a relaxing hour to decompress and refocus for a productive weekend. If you are looking to improve your mental health, be more focused and productive, and have a fun time learning a new skill with your friends, Weinbaum’s Yoga and Meditation Club may be the place for you. Nama-stay in Warrior pose!