Warriors Build Up the Community in Habitat for Humanity Club


Caring Students: Members of Habitat for Humanity smile as they help the community

One of the latest additions to North Atlanta’s variety of clubs is Habitat for Humanity club. From organizing building projects to landscaping activities, this club enables students to give back to the community.

Habitat for Humanity club was started this year by junior Mary Louise Jubera with the help of teacher sponsor, Caitilin Tripp, and typically meets once a month to discuss potential build sites and projects. On other dates, the club helps build houses, alongside other volunteers, to aid impoverished communities. “I started the club because my mom works at Habitat for Humanity, which inspired me,” said Jubera. “I thought it would be super cool to form a club where people at school could get involved.”

You have to be sixteen or older to build, but any students under sixteen are allowed to come and paint or landscape. Also, if you can’t make it, the club provides opportunities to volunteer even outside of planned projects.

In the future, the club wants to continue growing and recruit new members, so they can expand their volunteering efforts. One of their long-term goals is to plan a spring break trip where members can spend a week building houses in another state. “Our first build in October was a major success,” said Jubera, “I can’t wait for our November build!”

Whether they are painting houses or laying the foundation of a new build, the members of Habitat for Humanity club are creating an impact that extends far beyond North Atlanta. Students are able to come together and have fun, while making a difference in the community and making affordable housing more accessible.