Warriors Give Thanks For Family, Life — and T-Swizzle


Jack Stenger

The 2019-2020 Warrior Wire staff wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a great rest of the 2019 year!

November is the month when all Americans direct their thoughts toward what they are most thankful for. (It’s also — on Thanksgiving — a time for some major-league gorging on Turkey, stuffing and whatever else granny and the fam cook up. Gird yourself for action, digestive tracts!) In the week before Thanksgiving Break, the Wire asked its readers — the North Atlanta student population — what they are most thankful for and their insightful, cryptic and hilarious responses are below. We’re thankful for you, North Atlanta. You continue to inspire us! (And you give us plenty to write about.) Hey Warriors: What are you thankful for?

Life, family, being alive, for waking up, each morning, my limbs, food, free education, mom, having a mom who cleans up my mess, you, cash flow, Froot Loops, my dog Annie, being human, Santa, T-Swizzle (Taylor Swift), my dog, Harry Styles, getting straight As, passing all my classes, Miles Garrett, substitute teachers, the Atlanta Virtual Academy, this coming break, canned soup, that we have no school in the coming week, all my pets, being with Adanna, my freshman Bae, the Patriots, sleep, Florida, swim across America, my Boston terrier Bear, Hayden Dwyer, I’m thankful for the soccer program and all those involved: Go Dubs!, the leaves for creating such beautiful scenery for the fall, the gorgeous sky over the mountains, BlackJack and Stew, for college acceptances, for being able to vote the first time this year, for the experience and joy I experienced with the football team, that my senior year is nearly halfway over, making it through my sophomore year, Se’Lah, Snapchat, video games, Tik Tok boys, lacrosse with the bros, Shawty, physical Therapy, my car, my brain, sleeping past 5 a.m. (student-athlete grind), sponge cake, Ms. Brookdawg, Mr. Stenger: Chapeaux!, this survey, music, having a chill break, my Chinese class, the Federal States of Micronesia, I am thankful for all the boys, Pumpkin pie and coffee, all that God has given me, my bed, breathing, everything.