North Atlanta Art Team Takes Top Honors at Statewide Art Throwdown


Dennis Racket

Creative Crew: A talented group of artists from North Atlanta went to Columbus State University on Nov. 8 to compete in the first-ever statewide Art Throwdown and the school’s team took top honors.

On Nov. 8, the best and brightest art students of North Atlanta showed up to compete in the first annual Art Throw Down Invitational, held at Columbus State University and hosted by the university’s art department. The event brought students from all over the state area to engage in a different kind of art competition, which included participation and learning in various categories ranging from portraiture to animation and graphic design. Ten select students from North Atlanta proved themselves to be an impressive team, excelling in each category and placing first overall in the competition.

In order to prepare for the Invitational, the art department at North Atlanta hosted “Jam Sessions” to provide the students with both information and an opportunity to test the waters with new materials. The practice sessions also gave the students a chance to work with their teammates and get comfortable with the new dynamics. At the competition, all the work was done on the spot and in timed sessions. Each team in the category had college level instruction for 30 minutes before the two hours they had to create a work of art using the materials and instructions they were given by the professors. “At the competition, we learned amazing techniques that advanced college students use, and the results were unbelievable,” said Anna Rohn, a freshman who placed first in the portraiture category.

In addition to portraiture category, North Atlanta students also competed in the welding, graphic design, animation, drawing abstraction and ceramics-related wheel-throwing events. In each category, North Atlanta participants placed first or second, validating both the hard work and skill of the group. “Our team was incredibly rich with talent,” said art teacher Allison Shepard. “They worked well together, and went to have fun and compete. They definitely have the Warrior mentality: We’re going to dominate!”

Although the invitational was competitive, genuine comradeship and the opportunity to learn from one another was the true experience. Freshmen new to the art department and seniors participating in their final high school competitions valued the chance to learn and create alongside fellow art students. “It was amazing getting to watch all these people I’ve learned with for years become such powerful artists,” said senior Cameron White. “We work really hard, so the recognition and success was greatly appreciated.”

To be sure, North Atlanta has plenty of competitive teams. Now add to that roster an incredibly talented “art team” that proved its artistic chops at the recent Art Throwdown.