The Beginning of Life After High School


Beaming at Baylor: Juniors Caitlin Hohenstein and Maddie Bartlett smile as they take in the scenery at Baylor University

In preparation for what’s next, students are touring colleges and universities from east to west. Some are even venturing outside of the states trying to find the perfect place of the next chapter of their lives. Everyone has their specific campus preferences, and are seeking out colleges that fit into their wildest dreams. 

With the University of Georgia only being about an hour and a half away from North Atlanta, many students have loved visiting the Athens campus. Junior Caitlin Hohenstein visited the campus this semester and was intrigued by all of the academic programs, mostly the honors college. Her other favorite part of UGA was the fact that it is so close to home. “I know a lot of people who go there who love it “I love the greenery and I’m really excited for a chance to ring the bell, when I get in maybe?” Hohenstein said. 

When Junior Julia Naphin visited Ole Miss she loved how beautiful the campus was, the blue and crimson colors, and the Greek life aspect of the college. They have a huge Greek life with 32% greek students. With a population of about 18,000 undergraduate students, they are smaller than what people are used to at the University of Georgia, but still a good size school. Ole Miss is in the town of Oxford, Mississippi, it is not as big as some college towns, but people love the small-town feel to it. “I love Oxford, it’s so interesting and there is so much to do there,” Naphin said, “It’s just so cute!”

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the Cavs are a destination spot for many high school students on the hunt for the perfect place to spend four years of their life. With the revolutionary history behind almost every aspect of the school, it makes for a very beautiful and exciting campus. The main hangout lawn has an artistic rotunda that was built by Thomas Jefferson, and the lawn is surrounded by esteemed residential housing. Junior Ned Coleman went to Virginia for fall break and knew he would love it the second he turned onto University Avenue. “The house on the hill made me feel like I finally arrived at home for the first time,” he said.

Whether it is a large university or a small liberal arts college, there is a school out there for everyone, and to find the one for you, you have to get out there and look.