Warriors Ring in the Holiday Season with Annual Traditions


Happy Holidays: Sophomores Sydney Heaton (left) and Carson Bauer (right) show their excitement for the holiday season

While the end of the semester can be stressful, the joy of the holidays is something that many students look forward to. The fresh smell of hot chocolate on a chilly winter day is enough to entice any young teenager to just relax and be a kid once again. This special time of the year is often associated with annual holiday traditions. From decorating their homes with lights to visiting relatives in distant locations, North Atlanta students all have unique ways of embracing their holiday cheer.

Student Caroline Newbern has a fun way she creates holiday joy: spending time with her grandparents for Christmas, and tackling her best friend on New Years’ Day. However, given the choice to spend her break any other way, she’d be curled up with a big dog in her bed all day as she eats cookies. “I really enjoy the break. My best friend and family make it so much better and worthwhile,” said Newbern.

Sophomore Drew Barber also has a special place in his heart for the holidays. His plans change each year, making it all the more exciting to see what the year has in store. “The smell of chocolate, the sound of bells: Wow, holiday time really is the best time of the year for me,” he said. 

The holidays are also a time that brings people closer together. For sophomore Sydney Heaton friendship and family are the best parts of the season. “Each year, we buy a new tree for Christmas,” she said. “It’s important for me to do this, and I believe it really brings my family together when we need it most.”

Everyone is ready to go on break and enjoy the holidays, whether it’s by doing various holiday-related activities with friends and family or sleeping the time away. With final exams looming around the corner, students can’t wait any longer to finally go on break and start their annual festivities. Although everyone in the Warrior community commemorates this time of the year in different ways, the feeling of joy during this special time of the year is evident.