Warrior Wrestling Grapples with Competition


Seth Bennett

Full Nelson: Junior Seth Fagin dominating the competition at his tournament.

North Atlanta’s winter sports are beginning to get underway as students continue to train and practice for their upcoming athletics. One of the less notable sports but by far one of the most difficult here at North Atlanta is wrestling. Players train year-round to stay in shape for the next season, learning new moves and tactics to hopefully triumph to state the next year.

The wrestling team coach, Coach Mike Hutchins, is always motivating his wrestlers and pushing them to reach their highest potential. He has coached the team for several years now and brings lots of experience to his wrestlers. The team showcases a mix of wrestlers from all grade levels ranging from beginner to experienced. With the help of the team captains, junior Seth Fagin and seniors Jack Maley and Jason Andrews, Hutchins is hoping to make this season the best it can be. “I am really looking forward to this season,” said Maley, “Although we have some new guys this year I really think we can work with them and get better as a team.”

The team will usually hold practice in the multipurpose room where they have to continually rollout wrestling mats every practice. During practice, the team begins their sessions by warming up and then moving into perfecting moves they have previously learned. After drilling their moves, coaches will work with the team on learning new moves and techniques that can offer the Dubs an edge against the competition. To end practice, wrestlers will go live against other team members around their weight. This helps wrestlers prepare for actual matches and get ready for tournaments.

Tournaments are where wrestlers are truly put to the test. At any time during tournaments, they can face low-level competition or state champs. For team captain Fagin, winning is everything as he is currently 16-1. He focuses on being ready to face anything that gets thrown his way. “I have the confidence I can beat anyone I go against, yet I don’t underestimate any of my opponents.”

This year’s wrestling season is sure to be exciting as many of the North Atlanta’s very own wrestlers could potentially make it to the state championship.