Some Assembly Required: What Warriors Really Want for the Holidays 


Dennis Racket

Count to 20: Assembled Warrior Wire seniors are fierce in their pre-holiday stances. Staffers who are part of the formidable Wire Class of 2020 are: (front row, l to r) Maddy Carter, Mary Grace Ray, Bailey Diamond, Grace McCaffrey, John Fiveash, (Back row) Lenox Johnson, Olivia Chewning, Leah Overstreet.

At the conclusion of a lengthy fall semester, each student at North Atlanta no doubt deserves a long rest, some fun with friends and family and – perhaps during a season marked by gift-giving – some manner of gift of their own choosing. But what if a student could get their heart’s desire? We asked our readers what they really wanted for Christmas and their responses were surprising, typical, cryptic, and fun. Dear readers: We hope you have the best of all possible breaks and the happiest of all holidays. Rest up. Be well. And when you come back in January, we’ll be here to report on all you do. Sincerely, Wire Editors:
North Atlanta Students: What do you really want for the holidays?

Money, one dollar, “effectivo,” gift cards, a surprise, to relax, more time to do nothing, tickets to “Star Wars,” a new car, a new dirt bike, a cat, a puppy, a sweater, some Jordans, sleep, Macbook, a new watch, Fitbit, an elf, some shoes (got that, Ma?), North Face Jester backpack, Juice Wrld tunes, good grades, Air Heads, candy canes, gummy worms, letterman’s jacket, a yearbook (can be purchased at, candy, gifts with drip, socks with bling, scarf, a Comfy, Casper mattress, lift kit for my pickup, a drone, time with my family, some friends, Wiley Hartley jersey, some new friends, love, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, Disney+, Spotify, a new phone, Volta tickets, flossing lessons, Mont Blanc pen, AirPods, time for hunting deer, a tattoo, Playstation, G wagon, fresh oranges, a Tesla whip, new toothbrush, a better report card, socks, a baseball, the PRUMC championship, to drop 60 on the Thunder Ducks, a sweet victory over the Thunder Ducks, to spend time with my fellow Wire staffers: Go Dubs!