Until Graduation Do We Part


Lilly Nail

Rocky relationships: Many senior couples end after high school

Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you? If you are a senior or in a relationship with a senior, you are going to have to talk about what happens post-graduation. Do you stay together and try long distance? Do you break up now to save yourself the trouble later? Do you try to go to nearby schools and cross your fingers it doesn’t backfire? For someone who isn’t even in a relationship right now, this is a dilemma that plagues me night and day. That being said, my hours of theoretical consideration and debate have qualified me to have an opinion on something that has nothing to do with me.

Opinion: If you stay together with your boyfriend or girlfriend after going off to college, you are setting yourself up for failure. I know that, right now, they are the light of your life and you’re like oh so totally made for each other and there is no one else in the world for you. That’s cute or whatever, but when you’re in your first semester of college, 5,000 miles away, meeting potential love interests left and right, and busy trying to “find yourself,”  desperately holding onto the dead carcass of your senior sweetheart is going to get old. 

At some point within the first semester or however long of college, you’re either going to meet someone else, grow apart, or start to resent each other. Nothing holds you back from becoming a new you like spending all your free time FaceTiming your boo or crying yourself to sleep because you think they are cheating on you with their “just a friend” in biology class. This is not to say that it’s completely impossible to make it work. There are definitely some people who can and who have made it out the other side happily ever after. But let me tell you this: EVERYONE THINKS THEY ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE AND, STATISTICALLY, YOU ARE NOT. There is a very good chance that the next chapter of your life would be better off without them and that’s okay. 

Now, you can ignore this. Maybe I’m wrong. Who am I to tell you that you and the love of your life aren’t going to be together forever? I’m just giving the tea as I see it.