The Best Way to Watch ‘The Bachelor’ This Season


Olivia Chewning

Best Bachelorettes: Dedicated bachelor fans make brackets for who they believe will make it to the top

It’s finally time for the return of the beloved show The Bachelor, and “Bachelor Nation” is going crazy. Now in its 24th season, this year’s bachelor is a man named Peter Weber, better known as Peter the Pilot. He has 30 contestants fighting for his heart and he must narrow it down to just one girl that he will spend the rest of his life with… well at least that’s the hope.

This season is especially fun for students to watch. The Bach Bracket has emerged this season, which is a Bachelor fantasy league similar to fantasy football. It has made it possible for super fans to predict the girls they think will win the bachelor’s heart. Bach Bracket gives you the power to choose which contestant you like the most and prove your Bachelor knowledge. 

As a member of the league, your job is to make five picks before the start of an episode based on the girls you think will gain the most points in that episode, based on different actions and deeds they do. There tends to be a lot of crying on the show so your best bet to not losing the bracket is to not pick a crybaby.

A group of North Atlanta juniors have started a league of their own, with 33 members, male and female. They are all eagerly awaiting the next episode so they can make their picks and beat their friends. “I never used to watch The Bachelor, but this year I’m in it to win it, and I will study those girls until I know which one he is going to fall in love with,” said junior Elise Roman. 

Monday night at 8 Eastern Standard time, many of your friends  may be unreachable. Bachelor Brackets are hard work, and girls and guys all over are trying to figure out who Peter the Pilot’s co-pilot in life is going to be. After all, there’s no better way to end your case of the Mondays than with a show consisting of far too much crying, dramatic rose ceremonies, shocking dates, and one desired Bachelor.