North Atlanta Students Seek Ways to Avoid Crime in Buckhead


Olivia Chewning

Break-in Blues: Seniors Hannah Hume and Fiona Liu worry about their cars being broken into as these robberies become more common in the Buckhead area.

It’s no surprise that the bustling and affluent area surrounding North Atlanta would be a target for petty crime. While this has been a constant in past years, many students feel as though these incidents, such as car break-ins have been occurring more frequently in the last few weeks. This increased paranoia has led to the community to look for ways to protect themselves from these transgressions.

Car-related crimes appear to be the most persistent in the Buckhead vicinity, with an influx of them happening just over winter break. One unfortunate victim of a car break in is Junior Tabitha Randklev. Randklev and her family were one of seven people whose vehicle was broken into by Roswell road at the start of the new year. “No matter how safe of a neighborhood you think you’re in, you should always be careful because these break-ins can happen anywhere,” she said.

There are things you can do to minimize the chances of your car being broken into, such as ensuring that the car is properly locked and putting all of your belongings in the trunk where they cannot be seen. However, these methods are not always one-hundred percent effective, especially when your car is under somebody else’s care. In the case of Junior Isabella Lawter, her step-dad’s car and keys were in possession of a valet– that is, until somebody broke into the box containing peoples’ keys and ran off with the cars. “It was scary because so much of our personal information was in the car,” she said.

Houses are also often common targets for thieves in Atlanta, especially when its inhabitants are away. Junior Savannah Mason’s house was the victim of a robbery on New Year’s Eve while the family was off in Florida. The robbers got off with some jewelry, but the burglary nonetheless shook up Mason and her family. “You never think it’s going to happen to you, and it’s freaky when it actually does,” she said.

It’s always scary when you or someone you know is the victim of any sort of crime. However unfortunate these incidents may be, they can become learning moments for the community. It is important to remember to always be aware, alert, and cautious when out in public. Stay safe Warriors!