A Day In the Life of Milan Capoor


Busy and Involved: A day in the life of Milan Cooper

Milan Capoor. You may have seen him at one of your clubs, heaving with him a backpack bursting at the seams, fencing equipment, and probably an instrument or two. He appears if only for a hair’s breadth of a second and is gone before you have the chance to ask him where he’s headed off to. Well the answer to that unasked question is EVERYWHERE. Ever wish you could be 5 places at once? Well Capoor seems to have mastered the art form, splitting his afternoons between sometimes six different clubs on any given day.

Here is a little breakdown of a day in the life of this overachieving sophomore:

6am- Wake up/grab breakfast

8:45- AP World

10:18- AP Calculus

11:59- Honors Chemistry

2:04- AP Music Theory

3:45- Fencing

4:30- Gay-Straight Alliance

5:00- Band Practice

6:00- Robotics 

7:00- Sound for the Spring Musical 

8:00- Go home

8:30- Start homework

10:30- Study

12:00- SLEEP??????

Not only does Milan Capoor cram an unbelievable amount of work into the school week, but he also dedicates his weekends to — you guessed it — MORE WORK! Just about every Saturday, he either has a fencing tournament or an Academic Bowl competition. Then, on Sunday, he has orchestra practice. I’m feeling drained just writing about all of this. 

Now the real question is: When does he sleep!? Where is the self care??? The world may never know. “I’m constantly being told that I do too much but I’m probably not going to do less until I absolutely need to,” says Capoor. 

Hopefully he is able to sustain this chaotic lifestyle.