Celebrating Diversity at North Atlanta


Dennis Racket

What Unites Us: One of North Atlanta’s greatest strengths is the diversity of its student population. Shown are Josie Bird, Sullivan Seydel, Amir Stevenson, Siriaco Maldonado, Se’Lah Robinson, Hannah Paige and Jackson Flores.

It’s no secret that North Atlanta has a reputation of having many exemplary athletic and academic achievements. It is a school that fosters the growth of numerous students each day, but many would argue that the best part of North Atlanta is bigger than that. The best part of our school is it’s diversity. North Atlanta is composed of so many unique individuals from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. Together they create a community that can’t be found anywhere else. 

One way the school celebrates its diversity is when the students come together to observe Hispanic Heritage Month during September. The month involves fun activities like a door decorating contest and a program at the end of the month that details the accomplishments of Hispanic leaders and promotes Hispanic excellence. Sophomore student Litzy Delgado, who played an integral role in putting together the Hispanic Heritage Month festivities in the fall, described it as one of her favorite school activities she’s been part of. “As the program was coming together, I felt more connected with my community,” said Delgado.

In addition, clubs like North Atlanta’s Black Student Union recognize and celebrate the school’s diversity. One of the main goals of the club is to bring together African-American students with a shared identity, but all students can join and participate in the activities. The school’s people of color are an important part of the school’s population, and BSU has played a significant role in creating a more inclusive environment.

North Atlanta’s diversity is so important because it is a unifying factor among students. Each student contributes to the school community with their unique talents and perspective, and together these distinct individuals create a one-of-a-kind learning environment. Having such a diverse population is a crucial part of what makes North Atlanta the vibrant and welcoming community it is.