Diet Determination: Unique Diets at NAHS


Warriors & their diets: Unique eating habits of students (pictured: Sydney Jones)

In today’s day and age it’s easier than ever to find a diet that works for whatever dietary needs you may (or may not) have. The age of social media has brought to light the versatility of health, and as the climate is suffering with our health, many individuals are taking to their diet to find a climate change cure. 

Whether it’s veganism, paleo, kieto or pescatarian there are a multitude of ways to explore the reaches of your health and the benefits of environmentally-friendly living. However, there’s a mass epidemic of fear among meat-eaters and dairy-drinkers that they will feel unfulfilled and hungry without the familiarity of their everyday dietary routine. However, the number of Warriors on a vegan and paleo diet are increasing. So long, Chick-fil-a!

Senior Jamie Matherson believes becoming vegan was the best decision she has ever made. Switching up his diet was a major lifestyle change, which consequently meant drastic changes to his health. “As soon as I began my diet I felt the benefits,” she said. “My skin was clearer, my attitude was better and even waking up in the morning I felt more energetic.”

In addition to the health benefits, Matherson says the vegan community is nothing but supportive. “In the beginning I was afraid I wouldn’t find a group of people who I could fit in with and relate to about my diet,” she said. “But it was so easy to find like-minded individuals who are just as focused on their health and the environment.”

Senior Asia Smith, a self-proclaimed paleo fanatic, believes her diet was the key to her success. “I don’t eat modern foods, just like hunter-gatherers,” she said. “I’ve been eating this way my entire life, It gives me more energy when playing volleyball and it helped me stay fit.”

For many North Atlanta students, dieting is an important part of life. Whether it’s due to sports, health or even just environmental awareness, there are lots of reasons people are switching up what they eat. From vegetarian to paleo, Warriors are taking charge of their diets.