Hoopcoming: For a Slam-Dunk of a Season


Olivia Chewning

School Spirit: Juniors Charlie Ferguson, Honor Crandall, and Troy Walts dress up for Jersey Day

It’s that time of the year! With the basketball season coming to a close SGA’s Hoopcoming is bringing school spirit to all new highs. The Homecoming spin-off is to celebrate all those a part of the basketball season. This is the second annual Hoopcoming and the students are excited to show their school spirit.

Starting the week off right, students will wear their pajamas to school on “Pajama Day,” which is always a favorite. “I look forward to pajama day all year,” said sophomore Kate Nelson “I literally just get out of bed and come to school. It’s awesome.”

Tuesday is “Yellow Out” for the strongest warrior of all, Catherine Williams, who is battling bone cancer, known as osteosarcoma. The whole school is showing their love and support for Catherine. It’s also the theme of the home basketball game against Alpharetta on Tuesday.

Wednesday’s theme is “Meme Day”, a day where the students of North Atlanta bring the internet to life and dress up like their favorite internet meme. On Thursday it is “Jersey Day,” where students will show support for their favorite team or player. 

And for the long-awaited Friday senior night game, the theme is “White/Black Out”, seniors are wearing white to show up for their last basketball game and all other classes wear black. The Friday basketball game is the bittersweet senior night so many look forward to but are sad to see come. So make sure to show up and show out. 

Unlike Homecoming, there will be no dance afterward, but it will be just as fun. From wearing pajamas to school which is the ultimate win to showing die-hard school spirit the warriors will continue to show they are the best fans.