Beating Boredom: How North Students are Coping During Quarantine


Dennis Racket

Neighborhood Navigator: Making the best of a lengthy situation, a home-bound Kathryn Ackerman has been taking more walks around her neighborhood.

One of the biggest events of our lifetimes is occurring right before our eyes — but from a long, long distance. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has plunged the world into a state of panic, emergency, fear, and, for many people, boredom. Since the disease became so widespread, citizens from across all nations have been asked to stay home and self-quarantine during this period. However, students at NAHS — and those from other schools around the country — are facing a crisis of their own: “What can we do to keep from being bored?”

The extended quarantine period has meant that aside from school and household activities, students have tasked themselves with finding things to do that hinder their chances of becoming bored. Whether it’s binge-watching TV shows or Tik Toks, trying out recipes, or simply listening to music, a number of students have been successful at discovering new activities, both individual and collective.

Sophomore student Elle Aferiat came up with the idea of creating a Google Slides with her and a larger group of friends where each day, they’d make a slide detailing what they did and share any emotions or thoughts. She describes her Google Slides to be like a collective diary that people can look back on once the period of quarantine has ended. “I’m really glad I chose to do this,” she said. “As well as making me less bored, I get to read about what my friends have done! Who could ask for a better quarantine activity?”

A lot of students also see quarantine as a good time to improve themselves mentally and physically, with some popular activities being exercising, yoga, or extended periods of sleep. Sophomore Kathryn Ackerman enjoys taking walks, as it clears her head and makes her feel relaxed. “For a moment, it makes me forget that this whole pandemic is even happening,” she said.

While the ways we go about this global crisis are all different, one thing we must all do is stay home. Although going outside is very enticing, for the safety of everyone, social distancing is needed. There’s always a new hobby awaiting at home, and the possibilities are endless, especially now that there’s a lot of time on our hands.