Road Trip: Girls Soccer Team Says Goodbye to Spectacular Seniors



House Call Hoorays: Senior girls varsity soccer players Anna Pannell and Jordan Artis were two of the many senior players who received carloads of socially-distanced good cheer during a Girls Soccer road trip where seniors were celebrated.

The North Atlanta girls varsity soccer team had an impressive start to their season with a 10-1 record and victories in all of their conference games. Part of their success came in part from incredible leadership from seniors Maddie Grice, Jordan Artis, Anna Pannell, Kennedy Norman and Lily Mason. With the season cut short, the team is sad to see this great cohort of seniors go and had to get creative with celebrating their many years of hardwork and commitment to the team. In true social distancing fashion, the team was able to organize an entire “Senior Week” celebration by highlighting each senior on social media each day as well as surprising them with a drive by celebration past their homes.

With five amazing seniors, the team and parents decided to dedicate each day of the week, Monday through Friday, to each player. Social media posts, seen on the team’s instagram, featured childhood soccer photos, the player’s favorite memories, quotes from their teammates and coaches, and much more. “Although it’s sad that the season got cut short, the rest of the team went out of the way to make the seniors feel special,” said Grice. “Senior week made us so happy. They’re the best!” 

Besides their social media features, seniors were also surprised by a drive by “caravan” celebration from their teammates. Each senior was given a personalized yard sign with a message from each of their teammates along with a team blanket with their name and number. The players then drove by honking and congratulating them for their many years of dedication and hardwork. “It was such a surprise to see my teammates and showed me that no matter what I will always have a soccer family,” said Artis. “It was so nice to have that celebration and even brought me tears of joy. I miss the girls even more!”

Despite it being cut short, the Warrior’s girls soccer team had an amazing season and should be proud of the hard work and accomplishments they have made. Many players even plan on keeping up with their teammates past the extent of the school year. “We are sisters and as soon as this is all over I know we will want to meet up,” said sophomore Josie Bird. “We still have so many traditions to fulfil, especially for our awesome seniors. Team breakfast is coming as soon as we can.”

This year did not go as expected for many, and the North Atlanta girls soccer team is no exception. Nevertheless, the seniors should be so proud of their hard work, incredible victories, and most importantly the ability they have had to lead an amazing team. No matter where they go, they’re always teammates. No matter what they do it’s always: “Go Dubs!”