Top Class: 2020 Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and STAR Student Named 


Dennis Racket

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The class of 2020 is full of smart, hardworking students. These qualities are best exemplified in valedictorian Emily Song, salutatorian Soleil Golden, and STAR student Ezra Midkiff. 

Becoming the valedictorian — holding the highest GPA — in a class made up of nearly 500 students is no small feat. Throughout her high school career, Song has proven to be academically skilled and personally motivated. Song, a member of the IB diploma program, has truly made the most of her four years at North Atlanta. As she ventures to Harvard University in the fall, Song will keep with her the lessons she learned as a Warrior. Scholastics aside, Song stresses the importance of appreciating your time at North Atlanta. “Enjoy aspects of life aside from academics and cherish those classic high school moments,” she said.

 This year’s graduating class was über competitive, and salutatorian Soleil Golden’s diligent work ethic helped her secure the second-highest GPA in her class. An accomplished debater and fellow IB diploma program student, Golden will leave behind an impressive legacy at North Atlanta. Like Song, Golden acknowledges the many awards she’s garnered also come with a relaxed mindset, as school can be overwhelming at times. Golden’s impressive resume granted her admission to Harvard University, where she will be accompanied by Song. Looking back on her high school years, Golden is filled with gratitude. “The most rewarding aspect of high school was seeing everyone’s hard work pay off,” she said.

STAR student is an achievement that goes to the student with the highest SAT score of their class. Ezra Midkiff has earned this title with the help of his peers and teachers, most notably his STAR teacher Erica Hiers. Midkiff has taken full advantage of his time in high school, participating in a wide array of activities such as Rho Kappa and 11 Stories. Midkiff will depart for the University of Georgia in the fall, but he will treasure the relationships he has formed at North Atlanta. “I’ll miss the connections I’ve made with friends and teachers over my four years,” he said. 

These are North Atlanta’s best and brightest, representing the school in the highest of degrees. While the school will undoubtedly miss these impressive students, we wish them well in their college careers and beyond. Congratulations all!