Test Trauma: Home-Bound Students Struggle in Ramp Up to AP Exams


Dennis Racket

Testing Times: Along with many of her rising junior peers, sophomore Anna Greer is struggling with the new at-home testing structure for the 2020 AP exams.

The coronavirus pandemic has created numerous unprecedented problems for people worldwide in both mental and academic ways, and high school students are no exception. With the extension of quarantine and the stress of continued social-distancing measures, educational facilities and organizations have been working hard to make sure that students are not in a state of disarray. However, there is still an abundance of confusion about how AP testing will work.

The College Board, the organization that administers AP exams, has thus far made various statements about the current situation of exams. This year, they will be taken at home, online, and at different dates than the original schedule intended. The College Board has released daily live videos during the week to review exam content for all courses as well as review materials to better prepare for the at-home AP exams. 

However, despite the helpful guidance of The College Board, many students are worried and perplexed if these exams will fully evaluate them on what they’ve learned. Sophomore Anna Greer is one of many high school students with concerns about exam content, and its nature in general, as most tests have been slimmed down to small portions. “I’m really concerned about the content,” she said. “We’re only being evaluated on a few things instead of everything we’ve learned, which I find a bit scary.”

To counter student uncertainty, North Atlanta teachers have been working diligently as well. AP English Language teacher Deanna Hasty is a prime example of one of the teachers who reassures her students that the exam will not be as bad as they think. She continuously relays any test information she is given and hosts Google Meets to check in on students and see if they have any concerns. Additionally, teachers have also been sharing review resources from reputable sources as well to help combat this current state of commotion.

This period of worldwide havoc and turmoil will not end soon, but all citizens, including North Atlanta students, have persevered during this difficult time. They will continue to succeed with whatever task they’re faced with, especially AP exams.