Virtual Lacrosse Senior Night


Dennis Rackett

Goodbyes Before Graduation: The North Atlanta girls lacrosse team may not have been able to finish their season, but they continued the tradition of recognizing the seniors on the team.


When the corona virus hit, many spring sports seasons were in full swing. Sports seasons were one of the first cancellations considering they involve a lot of contact. Amid these teams, the North Atlanta girls lacrosse team’s season had to end early. The girls were just starting to play multiple games a week and planned on having a very successful season. Coming off of an exciting winning season last year, they planned on dominating their region but didn’t even get the chance to try. The seniors on the team were the most heartbroken from seeing their season end prematurely, as well as missing out on their opportunity for a senior night. Although the typical senior night celebration seemed unattainable, the girls on the team went against all odds and decided to celebrate their seniors.

The comradery on the girls lacrosse team is undeniable. Across both varsity and junior varsity teams, these girls spend the majority of their spring with one another playing the sport that they love. As the teammates watched their seniors’ season end so abruptly, they decided to make up for their missed celebrations. Senior Night is a night after the last home game of the season, where all seniors are recognized and applauded for all of the hard work they put towards the sports program throughout their time there. The seniors on the team had been looking forward to their senior night since they first joined the team freshman year. Considering the circumstances, the juniors and sophomores on the varsity lacrosse team came together to find a way to save senior night. Collectively they decided to surprise the seniors with a quarantine-proof celebration. “We love our seniors and they deserve to be celebrated, even if the coronavirus makes it really hard to celebrate like usual,” said junior Katherine Mcwhirter.

The team wrote letters to the seniors during quarantine to provide some extra words of encouragement. Additionally, the team as well as coaches made signs to congratulate lacrosse seniors and show their team pride. Not only did they express their gratitude in letters and posters, they also decided to reunite on Zoom calls. Even though they couldn’t spend time as a team on the field, that didn’t stop them from engaging with one another virtually. The senior class of the Lady Warriors lacrosse team consists of Rachel Dorfman, Annabelle Sarkissian, Ashley Humphrey, Soleil Golden, Mary Elaine Allen, and Shania Barker. These girls deserve a proper sendoff and the juniors and sophomores did not disappoint. “ We are going to miss them so much. They left big shoes to fill”, said junior, Zoe Glickman.

The coronavirus couldn’t stop this team from showing the love to their seniors. This team’s camaraderie and love goes to show that some parts of the senior experience can be restored in creative ways. The seniors Warriors on the lacrosse team have worked incredibly hard, both on the field and in the classroom, and their team is so proud of all the work they have done.