Classic City-Bound: More Than 40 Seniors Admitted to UGA


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The University of Georgia is the state’s flagship university, is annually listed among the nation’s best public universities and this year retained its #16 ranking in U.S. News and World Report. The school in Athens – Georgia’s “Classic City” – is many things. And one thing it’s going to be is home to many members of North Atlanta’s Class of 2020. 

On March 13, UGA sent out a final round of emails to announce those admitted to its freshman class. The North Atlanta students admitted on that day added to an impressive sum that learned about their admission during early-action announced in November. Last year, 46 members of North Atlanta’s class of 2019 were admitted to UGA. Getting into the university was even tougher this year as the school’s 46 percent acceptance rate marked a 10-year low. The fact that it was tougher to get in explains the slightly lower number of North Atlanta admits this year, a figure that still hit an impressive 42. 

The process of getting into such a popular school is a nerve-wracking one, given the intense competition among Georgia high school seniors for a slot in Athens. In the fall, senior John Fiveash applied early to the school but was deferred. “It was tough because after the early application there would be so many more students they would be looking at,” he said. “It was hard to keep up hope.” 

March 13 was the day UGA announced its spring acceptances and on that day Fiveash raced home and waited until 4 p.m. came, the hour that UGA admissions sent out emails. “My mom was with me and she saw me raise my hands with joy,” he said. “It was a great moment. I got into my dream school.” 

Fiveash said he plans on studying journalism at UGA. 

When any high school annually admits so many to a competitive school, there must be something in that school that’s impressing college admissions counselors. Senior Kennedy Johnston, another North Atlanta UGA admit, said the school’s IB program was particularly helpful to get her ready for next-level academics. “Our teachers really helped us to think along abstract lines,” she said. “I really feel like I’m ready. And getting into UGA makes me feel like all my hard work has really paid off.

Johnston plans on majoring in marketing with a design and media minor. 

Senior Isabel Archer said she thinks her active extracurricular life helped her to sand out to UGA admissions counselors. She was a founding member of the Warrior gymnastics team, served extensively as directed study intern within the athletics department, and kept her grades high in the school’s IB DP program. “Getting into UGA can be tricky and sometimes you never know exactly what they’re looking for,” she said. “But my advice to anyone would be super involved and do the things that are interesting to you and that really make you stand out.” 

In Athens, she plans on being in a pre-law track pursuant to eventually attending law school. 

From Dubs to Dawgs, from North Atlanta to the Classic City – these Warriors say they are excited to experience all that the University of Georgia has to offer.