Guiding Hand: Counselor Robinson Says Goodbye to the Class of 2020


Cady Studios

Sound Counsel: School counselor Darryl Robinson, the grade-level counselor for the Class of 2020 since they arrived at North, has watched the current group of seniors go from green-behind-the-ears freshmen to confident ready-to-take-on-the-world seniors.

Consider their journey. Back in fall 2016, with no small amount of nervousness and, likely, some degree of fear, the members of the Class of 2020 first approached the colossal 11-story building that would be their high school home. For these students, there have been many changes in the course of four years. But one happy constant has been the presence of their class-level school counselor Darryl Robinson.

For each member of this year’s graduating class, Robinson has been that kind voice who has pushed them along toward success – or likely also that skilled hand who worked out a complicated schedule logjam when it was really needed. He has an undeniable sense of pride in the current senior class – the first one he’s stayed with for a four-year-long counseling cycle – and he’s been an avid spectator as he’s watch them go from green to great. “I’ve watched them go from timid and shy kids to becoming the confident young adults that they are now, so ready to take on the world,” said Robinson, now in his fifth year at North Atlanta. “I have to say that the Class of 2020 is one’s that’s going to be remembered. They’ve really set the bar high in terms of accomplishment.”

Robinson, a longtime school counselor, knows a winning class when he sees one. His own life path has been rooted in education. He did his undergraduate studies at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, received his master’s degree from Cambridge College and recently received his educational specialist degree from Valdosta State University.

His biggest compliment for the current crop of seniors is their ability to forge forward in the face of adversity. “These young people have had to deal with more challenges than any other North Atlanta class,” he said. “And they’ve done it with grace, with grit and with class. It’s been inspiring to watch.”

And, Robinson noted, their remote-education chapter that closed out the last quarter of their senior years will ultimately be helpful to them. “Education is changing and they’ve experienced that first-hand. Their adaptability will serve them quite well going forward.”

Robinson said he’ll find it hard to say goodbye to this class, one that holds a special place in his heart. “But they’re not done with me. I’ll be watching to see what they do – and I know they’re going to make me proud. They already have,” he said.

For as long as they’ve been at North Atlanta, today’s seniors have known that there’s an advocate in room 6172 who has been tirelessly rooting for them. And in his mind, the Class of 2020 and his life are inextricably linked. “I’m certainly going to miss them,” he said.