PS5 Versus Xbox Series X: Which Does North Atlanta Prefer?

Gaming Gadgets: These new consoles are a hot commodity among the gaming community right now.


Gaming Gadgets: These new consoles are a hot commodity among the gaming community right now.

It’s a new era in the gaming community. Sony and Microsoft both have new, next-gen consoles coming out, and there is a great debate over which console to get. It’s a matter of what is more popular, the console’s specs, and which brand they prefer. 

With school online these past few months, many students have jumped at the chance to game on their consoles. Sophomore Camille Evans is taking advantage of the newfound time at home.“I’ve played a lot of games over the past couple months and I was on the hunt for a new console,” she said. “ I’m excited for the new Xbox though.”

The anticipation for both of these consoles has never been higher upon imminent release. North Atlanta students are no exception to this buzz and junior Madison Lawson is just one of many awaiting their arrival. “I’m ready for the new consoles, and to play Mortal Kombat on the PS5,” she said. 

Both consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, have a loyal legion of gamers that will likely buy the newest console for their brand, but some are looking to switch it up a bit. Sophomore Sam Cantrell is looking to experiment with a new console. “I’m excited for the new consoles to come out,” he said. “I have an Xbox One and I will probably get the PS5 over the Xbox Series X.” 

Microsoft and Playstation both have console exclusive games, such as “Spider-man” for PlayStation and “Halo” for Microsoft, which can be an appealing factor for many, what with cross-play becoming more of an option. Sophomore Henry Peck is making his pick clear. “I want to get the new PS5 because of the exclusive games,” he said.

It is the battle of the consoles, and North Atlanta gamers are rearing to see who will win. Though gameplay seems great on both consoles, there are many differing preferences. They are in extremely high demand, so make sure to get them before they sell out.