Oh Those Zany Zoom Moments! Crazy Teen Antics Go Virtual  


Lucy Grey Shields

Zany Zoom Calls: School is full of crazy teen hijinks and that’s going to hold true whether students are in North’s 11-story building or on Zoom calls for remote education. The Warrior Wire staff -- shown here in its daily Zoom call setting -- is known to provide plenty of rib-tickling moments that give the paper’s faculty adviser even more grey hair.

For several weeks, students and teachers all over the country have been adjusting to the “new normal” of virtual school settings. Ever since the students returned to school, there has been a continuous trend of students posting on social media their not-so-standard classroom behavior during the virtual calls. 

Of course, no matter where students are located, they will find ways to distract and entertain themselves in class, so it is only natural that students have found ways to entertain themselves while virtually learning from home — and this certainly holds true for North Atlanta students, as well. Junior Zaria Logan is one who has been noticing fun antics in virtual classroom settings. And for her, popular site TikTok is where the freshest trends can be found. “A girl in my class kept on asking a lot of questions but she made that Debby Ryan face that you’d see all over TikTok,” Logan said. “She even kept putting her index fingers together. It was so annoying.”

Now with everyone learning at home and the option to mute yourself on Zoom, it’s a lot quieter in the classroom, but sometimes more daring students let their mouths run wild to the laughter of their peers. Junior Madison Lawson observed a striking outburst from a student one day during a class. “On the first day of math class, the call got hacked and one kid had totally cursed out another student,” said Lawson. “It was hilarious. I felt bad for the teacher but it was hard to not laugh.”  

Logan and Lawson both talked about some other things that went on in North Atlanta classrooms like a young man vaping when he shouldn’t have been doing so, and another fellow getting kicked out of a Zoom call for saying some creepy stuff the other students couldn’t understand, while the teacher was having some difficulties on her end.

This school year is nothing if not a learning experience for both students and teachers. Some classroom slip-ups are unavoidable, especially when we are all learning the ins and outs of our new school schedule and norm. The 2020-2021 school year has been filled with new learning experiences, trials and tribulations, and is sure to bring much more excitement in the coming months. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!