Strong Pitching Fuels Braves Fierce Playoff Push


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Rookie Run’s: Pitcher Ian Anderson is new to the division-leading Braves and he’s been making big contributions as the first-place team makes a run for the playoffs.

The Atlanta Braves have been known to be one of the best teams in baseball for the last few years. With stars such as Mike Soroka, Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acuna Jr, this team has an impressive offense and excellent pitching staff. 

The Braves now sit at the top of the National League East division at 28-19 with the Miami Marlins trailing by three and a half games. With issues with starting pitching and injuries, the Braves are trying to win the division and make a deep run in the playoffs.

The Braves suffered a devastating loss in August after star pitcher Mike Soroka went out for the season with a torn achilles. Soroka was the Braves best pitcher last year, and without him, the starting rotation has had its problems this year. Additionally, the Braves have lost second baseman Ozzie Albies and outfielder Ronald Acuana Jr. for periods of the season. The team has had to deal with injuries all season, and as it continues, they are only going to get better. With second baseman Albies making his return to the team and starting pitcher Cole Hamels returning next week, the Braves hope to finish the season strong.

Despite the injuries this team has faced, the Braves have been able to stay atop the NL East with the help of new stars such as Ian Anderson, Adam Duvall, and Austin Riley. The rookie starting pitcher Anderson has been lights out for the Braves, going 3-0 in his first four starts with a 1.64 ERA. Outfielder Adam Duvall has also been sublime with two three-home run games. All around, the Braves offense has been on fire, and last week, the team broke the National League run record with 29 runs against the Miami Marlins. “I think the Braves have the best lineup in baseball and have the potential to win it all this year,” said avid Braves fan and North Atlanta student Evan Elgison.

With the season coming to a close and the Braves hope to secure the National League East division title for the third year in a row. If the team is entirely healthy heading into the playoffs, the Braves can definitely be World Series contenders. Who knows? Maybe this insane COVID year is the year another baseball crown comes to a title-starved city.