Attitude of Gratitude: New Positive Impact Club Established at NAHS


Kim Shields

All Smiles: Senior Lucy-Grey Shields, who wanted to bolster positivity in a pandemic-era that could use it, established the North Atlanta Positive Impact Club in order to convert Dub Downers into Warrior Winners.

With school now taking place from within the comfort (or disruptions) of home, many students are grappling with the isolation and lethargy that these new circumstances engender. The Positive Impact Club at North Atlanta seeks to provide students with the opportunity to generate enthusiasm and find a new normal to participate in activities they used to take for granted. 

The club’s mission is to help spread positivity through promoting anti-bullying initiatives and community outreach. Lucy-Grey Shields founded the club during junior year for her IB CAS project and was assisted by AP World History teacher Caitlin Tripp as her advisor. Since its establishment, the club has grown to nearly 50 members who aim to have a positive impact on other members and peers at North Atlanta. Due to COVID-19 circumstances this year, meetings occur virtually twice a month for 30 minutes each, during which members determine plans for how to help the community and simply find ways to brighten everyone’s day.

From the school wide GroupMe to the resolute dedication for supporting the football team amidst COVID-19 impacts, students are constantly seeking ways to connect with one another and build up genuine camaraderie among the people of NAHS. The Positive Impact Club is an additional effort to establish a positive and supportive connection between each and every member of the community. “High school can be tough, so I think it’s a great way to uplift everyone and make new friends,” said senior Caitlin Hohenstein. “I also appreciate that it has connected me with underclassmen at North Atlanta and allowed me to build a positive relationship with them.”

With more than 2,100 students, North Atlanta High School comprises a substantial and diverse population with a wide range of perspectives and interests. The diversity at the school creates an enriching learning environment that promotes communication and collaboration. However, the differences can also result in varying opinions and a noticeable divide among the student body. “The Positive Impact Club is important because there are bound to be conflicts with so many students,” said senior Virginia Moses. “I think if students continue to work together in the club to try to help create a positive outlook on differences and relationships, then the North Atlanta community will be strengthened as a whole.”

As the club embarks on its second year, members will continue to embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact at North Atlanta. With the goal of promoting a can-do spirit and optimistic attitude, the positivity of leaders and members alike is contagious and sure to boost NAHS morale in a time when it’s more necessary than ever.